Ice tea "Wintery Summer"

If you are looking for something quaint from your summer ice teas, then look no further. 

Taking the first sip of this icy drink, it takes you to a wintery evening in front of a burning fireplace. After the second tasting, you realise that you’re still in the embrace of a sun in your garden wearing just some shorts and a t-shirt. To figure things out, you have to try it again, but it surprises you till the end.


9 g / 3 heaping tsp FirstFlush Organic Apple-Ginger mix

3 g / 2 tsp FirstFlush Üks Väga Head Rooibos Teed (One Very Good Rooibos Tea)

9 g fresh ginger pieces

400 ml filtered water

Makes 3 bigger servings



Add Apple-Ginger mix and rooibos to a suitable dish (teapot, glass bottle). After that pour hot water on top and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Finally sift the drink and let it cool down. Serve with ice, lemon slice and peeled ginger. Store in the fridge. 


Honeyed, spicy, sweet, longlasting.

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