Ice tea "Sour Sister"

The best time to try new interesting ice tea recipes, is when temperature is rising and the need for something refreshing becomes alive. 

Picture yourself lying on a blanket on the soft grass, while sun is warming your body and soul. Meanwhile the birds are singing victoriously, and all you can think about is a mouthwatering summery cold drink. Sour Sister is perfect for that moment with its fruitiness and acidity as well as to accompany fun evenings and parties.


9g / 2,5 heaping tsp FirstFlush Organic Strawberry-Kiwi fruit mix

5 dried hibiscus flowers

700 ml filtered water

Makes 5 bigger servings



Add Strawberry-Kiwi fruit mix and hibiscus flowers to a suitable dish (teapot, glass bottle). After that pour hot water on top and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Finally sift the drink and let it cool down. Serve with ice, (blood) orange slices and thyme. Also tastes wonderful with a splash of orange juice. Store in the fridge. 


Light, clear, fruity, sour, fresh.

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