Ice tea "Rustic Ricky"

The most classic and nostalgic of them all. 

I think we all remember a version of black iced tea that was extremely sweet, quite artifical, but somewhat safe and homely. This version is by far more pure, fresh, subtle and also tastier. You can also spice things up with your own creativity, because the basic recipe is so simple and adding extra ingredients makes a whole new drink.


4,5g / 3,5 heaping tsp FirstFlush Üks Väga Hea Musta Teed (One Very Good Black Tea)

700 ml filtered water

Preferable sweetener if needed

Makes 5 bigger servings



Add loose black tea leaves to a suitable dish (teapot, glass bottle). After that pour hot water on top and allow to steep for 20 minutes. Finally sift the drink and let it cool down. Store in the fridge. 

Serve with ice, thyme and lemon slice. Another option is to add some soda water or ginger ale(for example Fever-Tree ginger ale) to a quarter of black ice tea. 


Strong, robust, sweet, earthy.

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