Cold Brew Black

Cold brew method is the most refined and exciting way to make tea in summertime. It is well known in speciality coffee world, but nevertheless it is very suitable for making amazing ice teas. The taste will be rich in nuances and delicate when steeping slowly with cold water. You just have to try it out yourself, how special and surprising can a simple drink become!


9g / 4 tsp FirstFlush Üks Väga Hea Musta Teed (One Very Good Black Tea)

1 l filtered water

Steeping time: 12h 

Makes 7 bigger servings



Add black tea to a glass jar or a bottle. Glass is imporous, which helps to keep the drink clear and pure tasting. After that pour filtered cold water or fresh springwater over top. Finally mix it through, close the container and let it rest in the refrigerator. 


When the tea has steeped enough, filter everything through a thin fabric or a paper coffee filter. The more dense the filter is (for example Chemex coffee filters), the more pure and long-lasting is the final result. Several filtering is going to provide the best outcome. 

Easier version is to use tea filters instead. Put the tea leaves into a filter bag, pour cold water on top in a suitable glass dish, close it and leave to rest in the refrigerator. After steeping time just remove the tea bags. Keep in mind that this way tea leaves might not be fully developed and the taste could be weaker. 

Filtered tea can be preserved as hermetically sealed in a refrigerator for at least a week.  


Enjoy it neat or over ice! Try to mix cold brew tea with different light lemonades or plain soda water. Be playful and creative with ratios, steeping time, various teas and herbs.  


Mild, sweet, fruity, pleasant.      

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