Opened hearts create a better society. Drinking ‘living’ tea opens hearts. Our reason for being: through inspiring great tea moments, to add value to our community and environment.               

FirstFlush main reason for existing lies in for the deep love of the tea plant. For the plant, which unites people, cultures, religions. The company consists exclusively of people whose lives are one way or another connected to this powerful plant.

Cup of steaming tea will stop life's stressful rhythm and that hot liquid teaches us to stop for a moment and rewards us with a drink filled with lively energy.

FirstFlush has committed itself to promoting tea culture in Estonia with bringing high-quality teas into the Estonian market. The company's core business is directed to the HORECA sector and under our brand you will find our products in cafes, restaurants, hotels and offices all over Estonia.

We strive to bring you teas grown in harmony with and respect for nature, stressing the importance of sustainable, healthy agriculture. In this way, we reinforce our own connection with the tranquil nature from which we all come. This we do with passion, dedication and the desire to build a more harmonious social foundation for future generations.