Matcha Culinary BIO

Matcha Culinary is an excellent food supplement (to add to your smoothies, to cakes or cookies, chocolate or milk). It has a strong bitterness not pleasant when consumed as a drink in hot water, but that same green tea ‘bite’ is just what you want in your food or energy drinks.

Origin: Miyazaki, Jaapan

Matcha is mainly meant for consuming as a tea but it is also super amazing to use it in your cooking, here are a few ideas for you -

- Mix your matcha powder with ice cream. You can use ice cream from the shop and add some to it or you can make matcha ice cream from scratch. Check youtuber... 

- You can create some awesome matcha lattes or cappucinos. Just substitute espresso with matcha tea.  

- Matcha goes everywhere where there is flour. Make biscuits or cookies or cakes and add some matcha to them. 

- By mixing matcha with your water or favourite juice (we recommend apple juice) you will get a healthy energy drink which you can enjoy throughout the day.

- Definitely add some matcha to your smoothies. It will give at a nice green kick!
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